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Rotational energy levels of ortho-H3O+ (as used by Faure et al 2003) (EXPERIMENTALE)

The H3O+ molecules is a triangular pyramid with C3V symmetry. The inversion splitting is very large (around 55 wavenumbers). Therefore, it was neglected in the calculations by Faure et al. It can be treated as a symmetric top, and has ortho- (when K=0, 3n) and para-modifications (3n+1,3n+2). An energy level diagram can be seen in Phillips et al (1992). The energies used by Faure et al are coming from the JPL database.

Energy origin = ground state of para-H3O+


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Quantum numbers

is the quantum number associated with the total angular momentum excluding nuclear spin
Absolute value of total angular momentum along axis of symmetric rotor, exclusive of electron spin
symmetry of the vibrational wfunction describing the umbrella motion (0 for symmetric, 1 for anti-sym)

Energy table

Level Energy (cm-1) JKsym_inv
1 5.100705 1 0 0
2 37.947155 0 0 1
3 104.238861 2 0 1
4 117.457087 3 0 0

Energy table history

Status Version Date
Published 1 2012-06-01
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