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Rotational energy levels of ortho-H3O+ (as used by Faure et al 2003) (EXPERIMENTALE)

The H3O+ molecules is a triangular pyramid with C3V symmetry. The inversion splitting is very large (around 55 wavenumbers). Therefore, it was neglected in the calculations by Faure et al. It can be treated as a symmetric top, and has ortho- (when K=0, 3n) and para-modifications (3n+1,3n+2). An energy level diagram can be seen in Phillips et al (1992). The energies used by Faure et al are coming from the JPL database.

Energy origin = ground state of para-H3O+


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Quantum numbers

is the quantum number associated with the total angular momentum excluding nuclear spin
Absolute value of total angular momentum along axis of symmetric rotor, exclusive of electron spin
1 stands for + and -1 for -

Energy table

Level Energy (cm-1) JKparity
1 5.100700 1 0 1
2 37.947200 0 0 -1
3 104.238900 2 0 -1
4 117.457100 3 0 1

Energy table history

Status Version Date
Published 1 2012-06-01
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